About us

Boars and Bows Ltd, is a UK based wildlife management organisation that carries out wildlife management and conservation services in Bulgaria. We have a cull figure of wild boar, deer etc to reach each year to sustain numbers, prevent damage to forestry and most of all ensuring there is enough food around to sustain quality animals throughout our reserve. All the animals we hunt are used for food purposes and nothing is wasted, we believe in offering the animals we hunt to provide food for the local villagers and the homeless children of Bulgaria we are seeking to spread what is good about hunting and its old style ethics. If you wish to hunt for a trophy animal, please talk to us about your expectations and we will do our best to accommodate them.



“My trip with Boars & Bows can be described in one word: EXCEPTIONAL.”

– Platinum Package Client

Hunting Packages

Bow hunting boar in Bulgaria is sure to be a thrilling experience and we have the knowhow and infrastructure to make your trip a memorable one. Choose from our four packages, each of which offer excellent hunting opportunities. Platinum clients benefit from a dedicated UK guide. All of these packages are designed with you in mind and aim to deliver the best hunting trip for you.




“Professional, well-run with top-notch friendly, knowledgeable staff. I’ll be back!”

– Gold Package Client